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Armor All 78173 Natural Finish Detailer Protectant 16oz

RM 29.90

Surfaces of your vehicle take a beating from harmful elements like UV. As the undisputed leader in protection, we’ve developed the latest breakthrough technology – Natural Finish Detailer Protectant. Scientifically engineered, it reveals the natural appearance of vehicle surfaces, including those not traditionally treated with a Protectant – display screens, steering wheels, running boards, and more! Our innovative silicone-free formula delivers Armor All’s trusted protection without streaks or greasy residue.

- All-in-one cleaning and protection solution for that “just detailed” look perfect for display screens, consoles, steering wheels, - fabric, vinyl, dashboards, running boards and more!
- Non-greasy, residue free formula
- Helps prevent cracking, fading, discoloration & premature aging on plastic and vinyl surfaces

Ideal for touching up exterior surfaces, such as running boards and plastic bumpers.

Spray product onto a clean microfiber towel (preferred) or soft, 100% cotton cloth. Detail surfaces cool to the touch. Turn to a dry portion of towel and wipe surface dry.