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Stoner Bead Max Premium Auto Wax 15 oz

RM 58.90

One of the hallmarks of a good wax is the ability to make water bead on the surface. Stoner has taken this feature to the max with Bead Max Premium Auto Wax! The sophisticated polymer formula creates a slick, shiny barrier that causes water to bead on contact. As you drive, your vehicle will dry to a spot-free shine because the beads just roll off!

Water spots and etching are common problems, but they’re tough to remove. Bead Max prevents cloudy mineral deposits by sealing the paint under a smooth, water-repellant finish. This technology has been available for glass for some time, but Stoner offers you excellent water-repellency for your whole vehicle! Your vehicle will dry faster, appear cleaner, and retain a mirror-like finish!

Stoner Bead Max Premium Wax contains a mixture of synthetic polymers, and natural waxes to achieve the best-looking, longest-lasting shine possible. Environmental contaminants that are often found in rain water will slide off your slick paint finish. The chemicals within each polymer lubricate water molecules, causing them to slide off almost instantly! The glossy finish will repel UV rays, too! Bead Max establishes a strong chemical bond through the use of synthetic micropolymers that become even stronger when they are allowed to dry. Simply apply by spraying in a horizontal sweeping motion to any non porous surface. Spread the product over the surface using a microfiber towel or applicator pad. Allow it to dry to a haze and then buff using a clean, microfiber towel. Even glass and chrome can benefit from Bead Max!

Bead Max contains no solvents or abrasives. It is perfectly safe on fine paint finishes, clear coats, lacquer, enamel, and acrylic. The aerosol can features AeroGuard technology that ensures consistent application every time- no clogging or sputtering.

Protect your vehicle with the best water-repelling auto wax on the market! Stoner Bead Max will give you maximum water beading and a long-lasting, mirror-like shine on all your nonporous, exterior surfaces.