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Stoner Invisible Glass Water Spot Remover 7 oz

RM 54.90

Stoner Water Spot Remover combines mild abrasives with a jeweler’s rouge-type polish that removes tough water spots and leaves behind a crystal clear finish. Forget difficult machine details, Stoner Water Spot Remover is an easy on, easy wipe-off product that produces impressive results and “invisible glass”!

Stoner Water Spot Remover is an answer to spotty glass issues everywhere. Water spots are one of the most comment glass afflictions and can be caused by exposure to any type of water. Water spots are actually caused by minerals in water adhering, and sometimes etching, the glass on your windows and windshield. Depending on the severity of these water spots, you may require a glass polish.

Luckily, Stoner Water Spot Remover acts as both a glass polish and a glass cleaner. For dried on minerals, found in hard water from your garden hose, sprinklers, and rainwater, Stoner Water Spot Remover does the trick every time.

Stoner Water Spot Remover works on more than just water spots, funnily enough. You can also remove road grime, tree sap, bug remains, salt spray, and grimy road film using Stoner Water Spot Remover. Think of it as an all purpose cleaner just for glass! Stoner Water Spot Remover can be used both by hand or machine, depending on user preference.