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Stoner Leather Cleaner & Conditioner 16 oz

RM 58.90

Stoner Leather Cleaner, perfect for use on both leather and vinyl, is a three in one product that will clean, condition, and protect after just one use. The combination of enriched conditioners combined with strong UV inhibitors is tough enough to remove embedded dirt and grime, but gentle enough that it won’t degrade or take away from the integrity of the surface.

Leather surfaces are a fickle breed. They must be treated with the utmost care and attention, or they can turn on you quickly. By that we mean that even slightest neglect can causing drying, discoloration, and cracking. Regular treatments with a dedicated leather care product, like Stoner Leather Cleaner, will keep you AND your leather happy!

Stoner Leather Cleaner is made using gentle cleaners; none of those harsh petroleum distillates that can cause advanced drying and cracking. Also missing from the Stoner Leather Cleaner is silicone or wax, which attracts dust and leaves a residue behind. Stoner Leather Cleaner is a simple cleaner, conditioner, and protectant.

The enriched conditioners formulated in Stoner Leather Cleaner replenish the natural oils found in leather and moisture down deep into the surface. The premium blend of natural oils and lanolin will rehydrate dry leather and preserve that luxurious original finish. Also featuring advanced UV inhibitors, Stoner Leather Cleaner prevents repeated exposure to light from fading your leather.

Stoner Leather Cleaner is a perfect product to use as soon as you get new leather, as you can prevent any drying, fading, or cracking from ever happening in the first place. But, even if you get a late start on caring for your leather, Stoner Leather Cleaner can restore and protect older leather as well.

  • Cleans, Conditions and Protects All Leather and Vinyl
  • Conditions and Rehydrates Automotive Leather
  • Enriched conditioners penterate deep to replenish natural oils and moisture
  • Strong enough to remove tough grime. Contains no harmful solvents.
  • Makes Leather Look, Feel and Smell Brand New in One Step